Plastic waste to Printable Products

R&D project to convert plastic waste to 3D printing filament. From plastics streams identification to producing filament and 3D printing testing.

Sustainable Toothbrush

Toothbrush Eco-Design ensuring it meets the Circular Economy principles, enabling scaling-up in a sustainable supply chain, closing the loop by creating the reverse logistics developmen.

Sustainable Flip-Flops

Collecting used tires and processing this material through a robust supply-chain for each stage of the product lifecycle, creating comfortable, reliable and sustainable flip-flops.

Sustainable Packaging Valorization

From single use dinnerware to proteins. Reverse logistics, R&D composting, and circular business model creation to allow compostable packaging valorization.

Circular Clothing

From old to new apparel. Full Cycle has been promoting apparel remanufacturing by creating the value chain, scaling-up and promoting social integration.