LCA Software

Executive Summary

This software intends to be user friendly, web application that provides an interactive way to output a product’s Life Cycle (sustainability) Assessment (LCA) from simplify user’s descriptions and input they provide.

This software is under developed and your feedback is a highly important for us. Let us know how you want to use this software and what features is important for you.

User Interface

Architecture (general)

The web application will include:

Architecture (detail by component)

User area, login, registration and subscription

Each user will be provided with a username and password in order to access the application’s main functions.

Each user will be able to access all their past generated reports ordered chronologically.

Reports should be searchable by product, date range, and environmental indicators ranges.

Users will have subscriptions and subscriptions will be tiered into 4 levels – (Free, Basic, Intermediate and Professional). Subscriptions will be ordered and paid insite (via Paypal, Multibanco Reference or Credit Card).

Interactive chatbot

The chatbot will be responsible to collect user input with simple sequential questions and will store the answers in a database.

An Open Source chatbot builder/system should be used to this effect.

Interpretation module

Based on user input (chat bot stored answers) this module will convert those answers to a numeric format that the Ecoinvent LCA database can accept so the application can query that database and provide an output in the form of an assessment report, based on those user inputs.

Each generated report will be stored in relation to the user.

Your input is important.