Who are We

FullCycle wants to integrate the concepts of circular economy and technology, providing solutions to its clients regarding one of the most challenging problems of the world: Waste Valorization.


To transform waste into value, using state-of-the-art technology, through the empowerment of local people and providing cross-sectorial solutions worldwide.


Becoming the world’s leading service in providing connection and management of a world-wide grid of manufacturers, consumers and companies that aim the valorization of waste, in a community effort to eradicate both poverty and waste in the world.

Power is in connection and sharing.

We need to promote a FullCycle! We are FullCycle.

Plastic Waste to Final Products

Our Process explained



Collecting, sorting and remove contaminants from plastic waste, with the help of local communities.



Turn Plastic waste into 3D printing filament (shredding it to bits, and passing it through an extruder.



Plastic can now be used as a raw material to print products for the underserved communities. Also, these products can be sold to manufacturing, heathcare, construction an other sectors to capacitate them.


Full Cycle Network

FullCycle wants to bring their clients together in a unique platform, creating a waste management and transaction ecosystem with a products' repository.

What we can provide

Our Services



Determining the best business model, meaning, given the economic and geographical context, identifying the recyclable materials and possible circular economy solutions, for the clients.


Technology Implementation

Regarding B2B, this stage concerns the technical installation and implementation of the proposed solution in the consulting phase. Regarding B2C clients, FullCycle proposes the installation of a basic, smaller scale model of waste valorization mechanisms.


Automated Manufacturing Solutions

Given to the client regarding machine maintenance, 3D printer remote control and problem identification. Adding to this, FullCycle offers an optional formation of HR from the clients regarding Circular Economy, Sustainability or the technical operation of 3D Printers + Waste Valorization Process.


Support Service

The printers are remotely controlled and grid connected, allowing for local, non-specialized employment.

Connection is key

Imagine thousands of 3D printing farms throughout the world, working entirely with free raw material: waste (for now, plastic but the sky is the limit!). Each of these printing farms would be connected in a grid: They would print individually for the people in need of products, but if there was a major catastrophe, all of them could immediately start printing the same kind of products to send to an affected location. On top of this, all printed products would become available in a platform and could be accessed by every printing farm. How awesome is this?

Contributions and Donations

If you are interested in our project and want to help us grow you can do it by making a donation to our company:

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